We Are Children Too!


Are Disabled Children included in the Rights Agenda?

Rachel Hurst and Gerison Lansdown, Rights for Disabled Children

(Originally written for World Vision UK, Discussion Paper 11, Disability and Development (2001) For further details e-mail World Vision: helen.ryman@worldvision.org.uk)

‘Everybody’s got something different about them, and some things are just more different than others.  But we’re all – I don’t know – different in different ways’

There is international recognition that all children are subjects of rights and that governments have obligations to protect, promote and fulfil those rights. Unfortunately this protection is still not, despite the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), being properly implemented for disabled children.

The scale of discrimination and abuse of human rights against disabled children is intolerable.  We see the impairment, not the child. We expect them to put up with quite different situations than we do non-disabled children. We do not regard their lives to be as important or worthwhile as those of non-disabled children.  We need to establish the political and legal frameworks backed up by practical action which will achieve equal rights and opportunities for all disabled children. These actions need to be taken as a matter of urgency and by all member states.

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