The DAA has created seven Resource Kits. They are designed to enable those working for the rights of disabled people to organise themselves more efficiently and make their campaigning more effective.


Resource Kit No.1 Media Information
How the Media works – and how to make it work for you.

Resource Kit No.2 Consultation And Influence
How to influence the movers, shakers and policy-makers.

Resource Kit No.3 Campaigns
Strategies and tactics for effective campaigning.

Resource Kit No.4 Organisation Building
How to create and develop a campaigning organisation.

Resource Kit No.5 Fund-raising
How funding works, how to find it – and how to spend it.

Resource Kit No.6 Disabled Women: An International Resource Kit
Strategy and action for those who are particularly disadvantaged.

Resource Kit No.7 Civil Rights Law and Disabled People
A guide to civil rights, human rights and legislation.

A framework for disabled people in providing training to their colleagues withintheir DPOs - specifically on human rights - and help them to take the appropriate action to support rights for disabled people.