About Us

"All people are born equal in freedom and dignity"

Disability Awareness in Action was set up in 1992 as a cooperative project of the international disability organisations responding to disabled people's need for appropriate information
  • OUR MISSION is to provide information and evidence to support disabled people in their own actions to secure their rights – at all levels: local, national, regional and international.
  • Our information comes from disabled people to disabled people.


  • Our information is used by disabled people and their organisations to develop and build their own self-help movement at the local and national level, to campaign for and influence social change and to understand their inalienable right to freedom and dignity.

Who we are now

DAA is no longer functioning as an organization but because of our long history and the usefulness of our information we are keeping this website going through volunteer help.

A small seed of information creates a groundswell of activity

Our activities have included:

•    Monthly newsletter – the Disability Tribune. This was available until 2005 when we had to stop production due to lack of funds.  We have now started an e-newsletter ‘Our Rights’ which is available both on this website and via email.

•    Provision of Resource and Information Kits.

•    Promoting and marketing the International Day of Disabled Persons from 1993.

•    Setting up a unique database of violations of rights against disabled individuals. This has at present recorded over 2400 cases affecting 2.4 million disabled individuals, 32.7% of whom have been tortured or received degrading treatment and 10% denied the right to life.

•    Provision of reports, briefing papers etc. on violations and special issues, including bioethics and disability

•    Collection of evidence on examples of good practice in how to obtain rights

•    Participation in research using our archive of material and links with our readers.

•    Provision of consultation and training on equality and human rights issues.

•    Management of the work of Rights for Disabled Children group- focussing on evidence and research on the status of disabled children and working with the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child

•    Disability consultants to the European Commission and EURO & M on the Campaign for the European Year of Disabled Persons 2003.

•    Working with governments, UN agencies and other human rights and development groups to ensure that disabled people are included

•    Consultants to Scope in their transformation of policies, services and resources to an organisation to support equality and human rights for all disabled people.

•    Participating in the elaboration of a convention on the rights of disabled people through membership of the UK delegation.

•    Promoting and coordinating the UN Convention Campaign Coalition in the UK to ensure UK ratification without reservations

•    Membership of Disability Lib (Listen, Include, Build) an alliance of six DPOs and Scope to build the capacity of organisations within England. www.disabilitylib.org.uk which produced the following:

  • Provision of ‘Our Rights' e-newsletter
  • Residential 3-day training in human rights and disability
  • Stop the World we Want to Get On - a resource and training kit on disability and human rights


DAA ceases to be a charity and company limited by guarantee in 2011.


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