Scope AGM 2008

Anne Pridmore sits in her wheelchair looking straight at the camera, her hands resting on her lap, behind her is a well tended garden.

Scope AGM October 2008

A speech given by Anne Pridmore

Good afternoon, my name is Anne Pridmore, and for the last year I have been a Trustee of Scope and Chair of the Engagement and Influence Committee. As Brian has already outlined the reform of the social care system, or social support system as Scope prefers to call it, is a really important issue for disabled people. Without access to high quality, personalised and affordable social care support many disabled people, myself included, are unable to decide for ourselves where and how we live our lives.

Today is a great opportunity to involve Scope’s members in developing a new Social Support system that meets disabled people’s needs and supports our independence. All the opinions and suggestions made today will be incorporated into Scope’s official response to the Government’s consultation. Scope staff will also make sure that your views are communicated directly to the Ministers and civil servants who are responsible for transforming the way the system operates.

This is about our lives so we need to make sure our voices are heard.


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