Resource Kit No.7

Civil Rights Law And Disabled People

This is a Resource Kit for organisations of disabled people that need to know more about legislation to protect the rights of disabled people. In preparing the Resource Kit, we have tried to remember that:

•    law is often talked about and used in a way that few people understand - the language and procedures of law seem to be designed to exclude people and prevent them understanding what is going on.

•    law is not the most exciting subject!

So, although this Resource Kit looks at different types of law, it tries to do so in a practical way. We are aware that having a law and having access to it are often very different things. The Resource Kit also looks at some of the problems with law itself and the strange way that courts sometimes interpret it.

If your organisation is determined to work towards full and enforceable rights for disabled people, remember to look at other issues, such as:

•    making sure that your organisation can deal with extra calls for information or help from disabled people, politicians and the media,

•    running seminars to explain the need for civil rights law to journalists, for example.

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