Resource Kit No.5


"Disabled people should move away from charitable behaviour. We should do away with being dependent." Beatrice Ngobo, South Africa.

No Money: No Dignity, No Democracy, No Rights

The greatest problem most disabled people have is poverty. A disabled person with a job or an organisation with money is in a far stronger position. Organisations of disabled people need funds to:

- run campaigns 
- support members 
- finance the group's activities.

Many institutions give funds to organisations to help them run projects and activities. This kit gives ideas about your funding strategy - how to raise and use money effectively. Organisations of disabled people need to have the skills to:

- know where to go for funds 
- manage money well 
- budget effectively 
- have enough money to keep the organisation running smoothly throughout the financial year 
- develop and achieve their goals and objectives.

This kit shows you how to raise and use funds for the work of your organisation - by finding out about funding agencies, sending good funding proposals and managing your money well. You can use it to help you put together a funding proposal. At the end, you should be able to show the answers to all the questions given later in this Resource Kit

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