Resource Kit No.3


This kit focuses on campaigns organised by disabled people which promote our independence, equality of opportunity and full participation. Taking part in campaigns will increase members' confidence and independence and show disabled people as active community members.

The kit gives you some ideas for campaigns, things to be considered if you are to run a successful campaign and some real-life examples. Not all of the material will be useful to everyone. We hope the kit will be a starting-point. You will need to adapt it to the aims of your chosen campaign, the people you hope to reach through the campaign and your organisation's resources.

An organisation needs campaigns and programmes which provide opportunities for members to become active and to develop themselves. The kinds of activities described in this kit provide scope for involving members, developing skills, building solidarity and commitment, publicising disability issues and the objectives and achievements of your organisation.

There are some issues that we can cover only briefly in this kit. Fund-raising and motivating and training organisation members are two of these. Future resource kits will cover these subjects in more detail. Our resource kits on using the media and on consultation and influence can also provide you with valuable material for campaigns.

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