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International: The war against euthanasia/assisted suicide

Posted 23/02-11 at 19.58

Throughout the world a life-against-death war is raging, with battles being fought on many fronts. For example, in the USA bills to permit assisted suicide are or have been debated in Hawaii, Montana, Idaho, Vermont, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Washin ...

Austria: Mass grave of Nazi disabled euthanasia victims discovered

Posted 21/01-11 at 19.37

In Hall, a town in the Austrian Tyrol, a mass grave containing 220 suspected victims of Nazi Germany's euthanasia programme have been found in the grounds of a psychiatric hospital. Nazi Germany launched its euthanasia project in 1939 in an attem ...

Australia: Parents wanted euthanasia for drowned disabled child

Posted 18/01-11 at 16.39

An inquest in New South Wales is investigating whether Maia Comas, a two-year-old disabled girl who drowned in a pool at her home in 2007, was the victim of a "deliberate act" or an accident. ...

UK: ‘Assisted dying’ inquiry funded by supporters of euthanasia

Posted 05/12-10 at 23.49

Former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer, will chair an unofficial commission that will consider what system, if any, should exist to allow people to be helped to die and whether changes in the law should be introduced. The commission is funded by th ...

Canada: Protest against euthanasia uses CRPD

Posted 25/08-10 at 18.51

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) is organising a protest against what they say is a hospital's attempt to kill a patient by withdrawing hydration and nutrition - euthanasia by omission. Joshua Kulendran Mayandi , a 48 year old pas ...

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