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Pakistan: Disabled people sold or kidnapped to beg in Iran.

Posted 15/03-11 at 12.38

Police in the southern province of Sindh report that hundreds of disabled people are being trafficked to be exploited as beggars outside shrines and mosques in Iran. Mujahid Shaikh, who made his way back to Khairpur in Sindh after being trafficke ...

Pakistan: Disabled people get little or no help in flood disaster

Posted 14/10-10 at 21.59

It is estimated that 1million disabled people have been affected by the floods that started in late July and continued for weeks, submerging an area larger than England. Thousands of people were also disabled by the 2005 earthquake and this numbe ...

Pakistan: Disabled and elderly people hard hit by floods

Posted 10/08-10 at 12.41

Not surprisingly, disabled people and other vulnerable groups have been hardest hit by the floods in Pakistan. Despite the extreme privation, Jamila Hasan and her daughter, pictured below in Lahore, are probably some of the lucky ones. ...

Pakistan: Disabled people demand political representation

Posted 24/03-10 at 17.39

On March 18th, the Pakistan Disability Forum (PDF) organized a mass demonstration in Islamabad to demand reserved seats for disabled persons to be included the upcoming constitutional amendments. This would give disabled people similar rights to p ...

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