A line of blind protestors lead by a man with a loud hailer form achain along the side of a road. The are all wearing yellow bandanas around their heads and hold a rope.

Campaigning is an essential part of social change.

On their own no one can change very much, but by coming together disabled people can have a stronger voice.

Campaigning together disabled people can raise awareness, change attitudes, change laws.

DAA were the initial promoters of the International Day of Disabled People on December 3 (designated by the UN) through promotional material, for example our Resource Kit on the Day.

We promoted the UN Standard Rules on the Equalisation of Opportunities for Disabled People (see our info kit) and were involved in the European Year of Disabled People (2003).

DAA can help you campaign by giving you information on what you want to achieve and help with how to campaign. We can provide evidence to support your arguments and examples of other campaigns around the world.


The DAA publishes the following papers on subjects related to Campigning:

Resource Kit 3 - Campaigns

Strategies and tactics for effective campaigning.

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A video of the meeting of disabled people in the European Parliament on September 16th as part of the European Network on Independent Living's (ENIL) Freedom Drive is available on YouTube.