How To Be An Ally

How To Be An Ally?

Food for thought: 
Becoming an ally to oppressed people.

Excerpt from “Becoming an Ally Breaking the Cycle of Oppression” by Anne Bishop.

Published by Fernwood Publishing, Halifax


"How To"- Becoming an Ally

Having written that subtitle, I must now admit that I cannot tell anyone exactly how to become an ally. I can, however, use my growing analysis of the process and my experience to offer some guidelines. Most people in our society do not yet see the connections between different forms of oppression, or even have a general sense of how oppression works. Therefore, we still find ourselves dealing in most instances with one form of oppression at a time, and in a given setting, we are either in the role of oppressed or ally. I hope these observations will be as useful to you as they have been to me when I find myself in the ally role.


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