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International: 87 DPOs receive support from the Disability Rights Fund

Posted 30/1-10 at 11.18

The Disability Rights Fund (DRF), a collaborative among donors and disability activists to support the human rights of disabled people around the world, has announced 65 new grants totaling $1,382,050 to Disabled Persons' Organizations (DPOs) in eleven countries.

Since its founding in 2008, DRF has gifted over $2.7 million to 87 different organizations in fourteen countries

The grants support DPOs to raise awareness about human rights, build coalitions and networks, and develop advocacy and monitoring activities in connection with the UN Convention.Some examples of those receiving grants include:

  • A grassroots organization of disabled women addressing violence against women in Northern Uganda
  • An emergent Nicaraguan group of deaf blind people
  • A national umbrella organization in Papua New Guinea, campaigning for CRPD ratification.

For a full list of those receiving grants and the details of their projects see:


Editorial comment: The DRF's providing direct, and mainly small scale, financial support to DPOs is something that Southern DPOs have long wanted to see. Until now, many of these organizations have served as little more than raw material in the funding strategies of large, often paternalist, disability charities. This has meant many projects were staffed by outsiders, as well as being decided upon and ultimately controlled by those charities. Hopefully, this essentially neo-colonial pattern of engagement will be replaced by the DRF model which we trust will see control devolved to the grass roots where it belongs.

DAA is also pleased to see that what the DRF is doing corresponds closely to what DPOs have demanded in Equalise It. A Manifesto for Disability Equality in Development Cooperation. http://www.daa.org.uk/index.php?page=equalise-it



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