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Uganda: National DPO heads HIV/Aids awareness campaign for disabled people

Posted 27/1-10 at 17.36

National Union of Disabled Persons in Uganda (NUDIPU) is a national coalition of disabled peoples organisations that campaigns for human rights and inclusion. It is distributing information on HIV/Aids prevention to end 'myth' that disabled people are not sexually active and are free from infection

According to Suleiman Kafero, the NUDIPU's programme assistant on disability and HIV/Aids, most materials being distributed by other development organisations did not cater for disabled people, despite this group being particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation and infection.

Funded by the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), NUDIPU has begun distributing information materials in the districts of Soroti, Gulu and Masaka, In Soroti, materials are being given out in the sub-counties of Katine, Kadungulu, the Eastern division and Soroti Municipality.

"Ignorance on factual information has been, and is, a problem affecting disabled people and this is what we are fighting", said Kafero. He went on to point out that NUDIPU recognises the fact that poverty among disabled people is one of the major reasons the virus spreads because it makes them highly vulnerable to performing sex for money.



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