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India: Country’s Disability Act not implemented, not reviewed and not in line with UN Convention

Posted 21/1-10 at 20.05

Disability activists and NGOs have criticized the Indian government for failing to keep its promise to amend the country's Disability Act to make it more effective, as well as to comply with the UN Convention.

"Having signed and ratified the Convention, India has an obligation to orient its laws towards it," said Kanchan Pamnani, a solicitor who has been working closely with the Disability Rights Group.

Javed Abidi, Convenor of Disability Rights Group and Chairman of National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled Persons (NCPEDP) had asked the government to replace the Act with new legislation - "The Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Respect for Dignity, Effective Participation and Inclusive Opportunities) Act." But, the government apparently refused this request and is pushing ahead with only modest amendments to the existing law. It does not intend to consult on these changes.


It has also been noted that the current Disability Act has not been reviewed for 15 years and has not been implemented. G Jayaram, Director, Disabled and Senior Citizens Department in Bangalore, said, the State government has not effectively implemented the norms of the disability act in the State. "Ignorance from other department exists as there has been no committee formed to monitor the implementation of this act," Retired Justice M N Venkatachalaiah, former chief justice and chairman of the National Human Rights Commission said, "Official apathy and failure of the Government in ensuring basic human rights to persons with disability is a critical issue in the society today."




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