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UK: Disabled women uses Human Rights Act in case against police

Posted 18/12-09 at 21.16

In the first case of its kind, a woman with a history of mental illness took Cambridgeshire Police to court alleging she had been subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment. This was after learning that her claim she had been raped had not been recorded as a crime two months after she reported it. She argued that this constituted a violation of her human rights under Article 3 of the UK's Human Rights Act.

The woman, identified only as Catherine, said "Like the elderly in old people's homes, the mentally ill can be trodden on. The police officers felt they could act with impunity. I should have been getting over a crime but because of what they did, I have never had the time or the space to do it. I walked around feeling like a dirty dishcloth.'

While not admitting liability, Cambridgeshire did issue an apology and agreed to a £3,500 out-of-court settlement.




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