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USA: Teenager with autism assaulted by Chicago police

Posted 16/12-09 at 18.13

In April, sixteen-year-old Oscar Guzman was outside his family's restaurant when two officers approached him. He couldn't answer their questions, became frightened and fled inside. Ignoring Oscar's family's explanation that he couldn't understand them because he was disabled, the police pushed them aside, caught the young man and split his head open with a metal baton.

The family has now filed a lawsuit against both the police and the Independent Police Review Authority, the latter for stalling the investigation and concealing the identities of the officers involved.

Police say Guzman may have been a victim of mistaken identity. This may be true. There seems little doubt, however, that he was a victim of police brutality.



Photo of Oscar Guzman with his sister, Nubia.


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