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European Union ratifies the Convention

Posted 27/11-09 at 23.58

On November 26th, the European Union( EU) ratified the CRPD. This is a groundbreaking move, as it is the first international human rights convention acceded to by the EU. It is also important for the Community's 65 million disabled people.


It is to be hoped that this decision will put pressure on the 15 member states that have not yet ratified the CRPD.


Ratification means that all states will have to ensure their legislation, policies and programmes comply with the Convention. However, until the EU signs the Optional Protocol, individuals will not be able to seek legal redress if their rights are violated. It is also unfortunate that the EU reserved on the employment of disabled people in the armed forces.





Comment added 11/1-10 at 08.11 by: Paul Dunn (paul.dunn@equalitysouthwest.org.uk)

This is an important step forward and is very welcome.
What we must all try to do now is get local, regional and national disability equality organisations to campaign on these matters, including ratification of the CRPD by member states.

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