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Israel: Disabled Israeli Arabs face massive inequality

Posted 24/11-09 at 02.34

26% of Israeli Arabs are disabled compared with 17% of the country's Jewish population. In addition, while 49% of the latter are employed, only 21% of disabled Arabs have found work. Finally more than 19% of disabled Israeli Arabs fail to complete elementary school, compared to 5% of their Jewish compatriots.

It was to address and understand these stark inequalities that religious and secular leaders from Israel's Arabic speaking community met in Nazareth on November 11th.

The organiser of the event said that attitudes had to change.

"People with disabilities [in the Arab community] have incredibly low self-esteem and there are many social and physical barriers for them," she said. "While many families take care of relatives with disabilities, at the same time they are sometimes ashamed of them and hide them away at home."




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