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Disability and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Posted 24/11-09 at 02.31

A resolution, "Realizing the Millennium Development Goals for persons with disability" (A/C.3/64/L.5/Rev.1) was adopted at 64th session of the UN General Assembly.It calls for the MDGs to be accessible to all, and highlights the importance of data and statistics on disabled people in realising the MDGs

Among other things, the resolution also calls for the CRPD to be taken into account and the integrating of disability issues into development work. The importance of the participation of disabled people's organizations (DPOs) in policymaking and development work is also highlighted.


Editorial comment: This is all very well, but explicit reference to disability continues to be absent from the 8 MDGs, the 21 quantifiable targets and the 60 indicators. Until this problem is addressed disability issues are likely to remain a poor relation in policies and programmes of development cooperation


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