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African Decade of Disabled People extended

Posted 07/11-08 at 12.04

The African Union declared the first decade of the new millennium (1999-2009) as the African Decade for Persons with Disabilities. Ministers have now agreed the Windhoek Declaration on Social Development and have extended the focus on disability to 2019.

"The new Social Development Policy adopted by the Ministers in Windhoek Namibia has detailed coverage of disability work. We encourage organisations to get a copy of this policy and apply its contents in your programming processes." says Kudakwashe A.K. Dube

With this declaration, the African Union adopted a Continental Plan of Action (CPOA) with twelve objectives that African States were to implement over the period.

The twelve objectives cover a wide range of themes that are of critical importance to improvement in the lives of persons with disabilities in Africa. These themes include ideas and strategies to: 1. Formulate and implement national policies, programmes and legislation to promote the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities. 2. Promote the participation of persons with disabilities in the process of economic and social development 3. Promote the self-representation of people with disabilities in all public decision-making structures.4. To enhance support services for disabled persons. 5. Promote special measures for children, youth, women and elderly persons with disabilities. 6. Ensure and improve access to rehabilitation, education, training, employment, sports, the cultural and physical environ ment. 7. To promote and protect disability rights as human rights 8. To support the development of and strengthen Disabled Persons' Organizations 9. Mobilize resources



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