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UK: Care worker gets 12 years for sexual assault on disabled women

Posted 10/11-09 at 18.49

James Watts, 57, has been convicted of sexually assaulting four disabled women at the care home where he worked as a mini bus driver. He was found guilty after one of his victims testified by blinking yes or no to questions from the police.Another woman picked out pictures on a computer to explain what had happened to her.

Judge Graham Cottle told Watts that his offences would be viewed with "utter revulsion". He said: "You descended to a level of depravity which is quite beyond comprehension."

The Crown Prosecution Service's Crown Advocate for Devon and Cornwall, said: "Crimes involving a breach of trust like this are extremely serious. People working in the care sector, whether they are care workers, managers, drivers, catering staff or in any other role, have a duty of care to the people with whom they work."



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