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Report focuses on the right to live in the community set out in UN Convention

Posted 18/9-09 at 00.42

A new report from the European Coalition for Community Living (ECCL) looks in detail at Article 19 of the CRPD - that all disabled people have the right to live and participate in the community. A clear explanation of the scope and purpose of Article 19 is provided and a number of recommendations are made as to how to facilitate its effective implementation in Europe.

"This report aims to be of assistance to individuals and organisations involved in promoting, implementing and monitoring the CRPD, such as policy makers, organisations of disabled people and service providers. It can be used to identify actions that should be taken to realise the right to live and participate in the community, as well as to monitor progress towards implementation of the CRPD."

Besides the ECCL briefing on Article 19, the report also includes three short articles and an extremely interesting interview with Elena Pecaric, a leading disability rights activist from Slovenia, who says,

"I believe that the main reason why Slovenia ratified the Convention was to make a good impression in front of the international community."

In a wide-ranging discussion, Elena offers a frank, critical and illuminating assessment of the current state of disability rights and the prospects for the CRPD in her country and by extension in Eastern Europe more generally. It is a thoroughly riveting interview and should be required reading for all disability activists.

Photo of Elena Pecaric

Because Article 19 is about allowing disabled people the ability to live with equality and dignity in their community and in the world, its implementation will be a test for a country's real commitment to the ideals of the CRPD. This is particularly true for those European countries where over 1 million disabled people continue to be locked up in segregated, and often brutal, institutions.

The full report can be downloaded from: http://www.community-living.info/documents/ECCL-Focus-Report-2009_TextVersion.doc

For details about YHD, Elena Pecaric's organisation, see: http://www.yhd-drustvo.si/eng/index.php



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