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UK: Lobby called to defend Elaine McDonald and disability rights

Posted 19/7-11 at 16.08

Disability groups have called for a lobby of Kensington & Chelsea Council's Cabinet Meeting on the 21st of July to protest the attack on human rights of Elaine McDonald.

As reported by DAA, the UK's Supreme Court has ruled in support of the council's withdrawal of Elaine's overnight care. This will mean she will have no choice but to wear incontinence pads, although this is undignified and against her express wishes.

The ruling has accepted that reviewing care plans can be treated as a reassessment of need. Therefore any contact with social services, even a phone call, could lead to detrimental changes to a disabled person's care package.

The idea that privacy and independence can best be facilitated by dispensing with personal assistants or care workers at night is contrary to the government's Independent Living Strategy, and undermines everything we have fought for as a disabled people's movement for the last forty years.

Personal assistance is vital to many disabled people's independence and safety. Disabled people with complex health and social care needs who cannot move unaided should never be left alone at night in case of a fire or a sudden deterioration in their condition.

Disabled people, family carers, personal assistants, women, pensioners, community activists and trade unionists should come to the lobby to support Elaine and oppose this disgraceful ruling. Elaine's overnight care should be restored immediately. A defeat for Elaine is a defeat for us all.

The lobby will take place at Kensington & Chelsea Town Hall, Hornton Street, London, W8 7NX at 5.30pm on Thursday 21 July 2011

For more information contact:

Action for Disability Kensington and Chelsea on 0208 960 8888 or at pbsupport@adkc.org.uk

Hammersmith and Fulham Coalition against Community Care Cuts on 07899 752 877or at hafcac@hotmail.co.uk

Disabled People against Cuts at mail@dpac.uk.net or visit www.dpac.uk.net

WinVisible on 0207 482 2496 (voice & minicom) or at win@winvisible.org


Comment added 22/11-12 at 06.23 by: author (markleonardparry@yahoo.com)

There are violations against my sister and I today. We have both been diagnosed with Aspergers. But we recieve no help from the local community. Even The Police don't listen to us, nor beleieve we are being bullied. Yet it is happening very very secretivly when our backs are turned. There are people in our community that seem to follow us. But they do this secretively too. We are not on the correct benefits either.

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