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UK: Holiday camps bars disabled people

Posted 15/7-11 at 22.24

Twenty-six adults with learning difficulties have been banned from Butlins holiday resort because management claims that large groups are "intimidating".

The Firth Park Friday Club, in Sheffield, has visited Butlins in Skegness for the past 19 years but this year the manager has refused admission.

Christina Staniland, 86, whose son travels with the club, said the group were "heartbroken" and "angry". She said the decision was "shocking" and she could not understand the resort's decision as the group had not received any complaints in the past.




Comment added 18/7-11 at 15.22 by: author (linden.lynn@gmail.com)

i am appalled by this decision. I have visited Butlins in Skegness myself when people with learning disabilites were present. They were happy ad friendly and caused no problems.
it seems that this is a denial of human rights to more vulnerable people. We are all people first. What is the matter with Butlins? If they do not change this decision I will not re-visit.
i intend to share this information across all my web links.

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