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UK: Report calls for end to segregated employment for disabled people

Posted 12/7-11 at 13.48

A report has recommended that the remaining 54 Remploy factories, that provide work for 2800 disabled people, should be closed.

Trade unions representing many of the workers are strongly opposed to this move. A spokesperson said that if the factories close the employees will simply wind up on the dole.

The Remploy scheme was set up after 1945 to offer sheltered employment. The factories lose £63m per year and it is argued that putting the money towards supporting disabled people in the open labour market would help many more into work.

The report has cast doubt also on the future of the nine residential training colleges for disabled people. Last year, they found work for just 230 people at a cost each of £78,000.

The report is out for public consultation until October.



For a critical view of the report see :



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