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UK: Court decision puts independence of older and disabled people at risk

Posted 08/7-11 at 19.11

Elaine McDonald (67) has lost her appeal at the Supreme Court against the decision of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to cut her support provision by refusing to provide assistance at night for her to use a commode.

McDonald said she is not incontinent and has a horror of using incontinence pads, which she considered an "affront to her dignity".

After the supreme court ruling, Michelle Mitchell, charity director at Age UK said: "Today's decision is shameful. Older people have a fundamental right to dignity and forcing someone to sleep in their own urine and faeces could not be more undignified. This judgment opens the door to warehousing older people in their own homes without regard to their quality of life. Care should not be just about keeping people safe. It must enable them to live dignified and fulfilled lives."




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