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International: Great variation in nations’ perceptions of people with learning difficulties

Posted 04/7-11 at 18.10

Gallup has carried out surveys in 112 countries (2010) on perceptions of how receptive people feel their communities are to those with learning difficulties. More than half of adults (55%) who replied said the city or area where they live is a good place. The most positive results were found in Europe, where 80% say their communities are good for people with learning difficulties, and lowest in the former Soviet Union (47%) and Asia (46%).


Editorial comment: Although we may have missed something in the rationale behind the Gallup report, it is totally outrageous that the question was not put to the real experts, people with learning difficulties themselves. If this had been done the results would have been significantly different.

Would a similar survey about conditions facing women or minorities ask the opinions men or the majority community?

Such a biased approach by Gallup is symptomatic of the continuing, pervasive attitudinal discrimination towards disabled people in general and people with learning difficulties in particular. Nothing about us without us? Apparently not in this case.


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