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Australia: Rape of disabled people ‘too hard to prosecute’

Posted 29/6-11 at 01.57

Leena Sudano, Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner in South Australia, and the Pubic Advocate, John Brayley, have met with the police to discuss details of recent cases of rape and serious sexual assault against disabled people that had not been investigated because police believed the current court system offered no chance of conviction

Commissioner for Victims' Rights, Michael O'Connell said, "People with severe disabilities are prone to become victims of crime - often because offenders know they can commit their crimes with impunity."

O'Connell added, "Reforming the law is not enough. Too often the problem is the attitude and behaviours of those expected to help victims of crime."

Senior police have made a commitment to study new techniques that would better bring the perpetrators to justice.




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