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UK: MPs give green light to cut mobility benefits

Posted 22/6-11 at 02.55

On June 15th, MPs voting on the Welfare Reform Bill agreed that the government could remove the mobility component of the Personal Independent Payment (PIP), which is to replace Disability Living Allowance, for those living in residential institutions.

Sue Brown, Head of Public Policy at Sense, the national deafblind charity, said:

"We are disappointed with this result. This decision lets down the 80,000 disabled people who live in residential care and rely on this benefit to enjoy things we take for granted. The onus is now on the Government to design a fair system that does not target disabled people, including deafblind people, living in residential care and keep their promise of giving disabled people choice, control and independence."


Editorial comment: MPs have obviously not been listening to the arguments made by many organisations, including DPOs, about the impact this will have on a great many people already trapped in institutions. As we reported in March, their own Social Security Advisory Committee concluded, "This measure will substantially reduce the independence of disabled people who are being cared for in residential accommodation, which goes against the stated aim of the reform of DLA to support 'disabled people to lead independent and active lives'."





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