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UK: Disabled people face hostility on public transport.

Posted 14/6-11 at 14.11

Some disabled people have become so terrified of travelling that they are confined to their home, according to Alice Maynard, chair of the leading disability charity Scope.

Alice Maynard

Alice, a wheelchair user, said commuters shout and swear at her and a personal assistant once or twice a week because they have to give up their seats.

She said: 'I think it is increasing because of the pressures on people, the overcrowding on trains and the general economic climate. If I reminded myself about everything that has been said, I would shut myself inside.'

She revealed that in one case, a commuting father with his daughter who appeared to be five years old, screamed at her: 'Get the f*** out of here.'

New data from Scope reveals that almost 50 per cent of disabled people face discrimination on their way to and from work.


Editorial comment. This article appeared in the Daily Mail, one of the tabloid newspapers whose hostile reporting on disability benefits has contributed to the apparent growing public animosity towards disabled people.


A particularly nasty example appears in the comment section on the Daily Mail website. Mr. Mark B writes: "On trains and the tube I find disabled people a nuisance, they can't help being how they are but it does cause inconvenience on a crowded train or tube having someone in a wheelchair get on and causes delays to people with busy lives, they should get taxis or have carers buy their items or do online shopping and have everything delivered."



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Mr. Mark B's assumption being, of course, that disabled people don't do a job of work. My work journey only involves the garden path, but this isolation was suddenly penetrated last week, on being invited to the reunion of my near-contemporaries from college days. I didn't know many of them well, but they not only insisted on relocating the pre-curry drink to a more accessible venue, but were genuinely shocked at how many barriers there are for us, without my raising the subject at all. As graphic designers, we were trained as problem solvers. I know there are now a dozen of them out there know with a much closer understanding and a wider engagement of imagination.

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