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The Netherlands: Personal budgets decimated by cuts

Posted 09/6-11 at 15.09

Citing the need to reduce spending, the government is removing personal budgets from 90% of disabled people (117,000) who have been organising their own support.

From 2014, only people classified as needing residential care will be eligible for a personal care budget, which is used to help them live independently.

'We have to limit the personal care budget to those who really need it. The system cannot continue as it is,' said prime minister Mark Rutte.

According to Agnes Wolbert, an opposition Labour member of parliament, 'The cabinet is destroying in a couple of years something which has taken 20 years to build up ... (this is) turning the clock back to the time that people went to a nursing home when they reached 65.'

The cuts have been agreed between the minority government and alliance partner PVV, which supports efforts to cut spending in return for tougher immigration controls.




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