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UK: Police apologise after Pilkington inquiry

Posted 08/6-11 at 12.48

Four police officers will face misconduct proceedings over their force's failure to help the family of Fiona Pilkington, who killed herself and her severely disabled daughter in 2007 after years of torment by youths.

An Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) report into the Leicestershire force's dealings with the Pilkington family concluded that the main failure was in not identifying the family as vulnerable, which meant police did not provide a structured, cohesive response to the prolonged antisocial behaviour they endured.

The IPCC commissioner, Amerdeep Somal, said, "Fiona, her mother, her neighbours and MP had all contacted the police to inform them that she had repeated and justifiable concerns about her family's predicament. Yet, no one person gripped these reports and took charge to strategically manage and oversee what should have been a targeted police response."

The chief constable of Leicestershire police, Simon Cole, said the force "offer our unreserved apologies for whatever extent the force's actions contributed to Fiona's mindset at the time that she and Francecca died. We acknowledge, as we did following the inquest in 2009, that our actions failed to meet the family's needs and in retrospect we would have done things differently."

No one was convicted of a crime, or even arrested before her death, although the identities of the main culprits were known to police and council officials.





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