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Ireland: Little help for disabled parents who have children taken into care

Posted 06/6-11 at 21.01

In the majority of cases brought by Ireland's Health Services Executive against parents with learning difficulties, their children have been removed and taken into care.

Deirdre Carroll, chief executive of Inclusion Ireland, says, "We understand social workers will err on the side of caution if they feel the child may be at risk, but we also know there are very little supports for parents with mild learning difficulties, and often the decision to remove their children is based solely on the fact that they have this mild disability. The system seems to be totally stacked against them."

According to Prof Gerard Quinn, director of the Centre for Disability Law and Policy at the NUI Galway School of Law, "I would argue that to take children from a person with an intellectual disability, because they have an intellectual disability, is a violation of their human rights. The obligation of the State is to intervene to support a person with disability in achieving their rights, not to intervene to deny them...."


Editorial comment: Ireland has not ratified the CRPD, although it did sign it in 2007.



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