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USA: Worker at residential institution arrested for sexual abuse

Posted 05/6-11 at 19.22

Orlando Baez, a care worker, admitted to the sexual abuse of a 26-year-old woman with mental health problems living at Hillandale, a residential facility in Pasco County, Florida. This marks the second time an employee has been arrested for sexually molesting vulnerable residents under their care.

The arrest was the latest in a series of abuse cases at the facility, where caretakers have been caught forcing residents into locked closets, doping them with powerful tranquilizers and physically restraining them using violent techniques.

Hillandale was profiled in a Miami Herald series in May, showing how state regulators have allowed scores of troubled homes to remain open, despite dangerous and decrepit conditions.

For example, Hillandale was among 418 homes cited since 2002 for failing to watch over their residents properly. In addition, the home was among 1,107 institutions caught by regulators resorting to illegal restraints to control residents during the same period.





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