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International: More disabled women than disabled men

Posted 22/5-11 at 21.25

USAID (US Agency for International Development) have compiled a collection of statistics on the gender dimension of disability. One key finding is that there are considerably more disabled women than disabled men.

In low and middle income countries women account for up to ¾ of all disabled people. According to the International Labor Organisation (ILO), this is due to neglect in health care, poor workforce conditions, and/or gender-based violence.

In the EU, 44% of disabled women are unemployed, as compared to 25% of disabled men. When employed, they face a huge gender pay gap: according to US figures disabled men earn 55% more than their female counterparts.

Disabled women and girls also face shockingly high risks of male violence. For example, in OECD (Organisation for Cooperation and Development) countries between 39-68% of disabled women report being sexually abused before their 18th birthday.




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