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UK: £3m for disabled people’s organisations

Posted 18/5-11 at 01.23

The government's Office of Disability Issues has announced that £3m will be made available over the next 4 years to support the development of local disabled people organisations (DPOs).

As part of the scheme, from July DPOs will be able to bid for a share of money for specific projects that will make a significant difference to their development and sustainability.


Editorial comment: Is it really a coincidence that this announcement came on the same day as thousands of disabled people marched in London in protest against the massive cuts to benefits and essential services

Of course, any help is welcomed, but given that most DPOs are either struggling to survive or have closed because of local authority budget cuts, £3m is derisory. ‘Insulting' is a perhaps more appropriate word, when this figure is compared to the estimated £9.2 billion income disabled people of working age will lose over the next few years because of government cuts and changes to benefit entitlement.

Furthermore, although DPOs provide the most effective support for disabled people, as the market for this support (information, advice, direct payments, support planning, etc.) is thrown open, many DPOs will struggle to compete with private firms and/or traditional charities.



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