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BMA continues to reject assisted suicide

Posted 05/7-09 at 14.19

Further to our news item Is the right to die becoming a duty to die? we are pleased to report that the BMA, following a debate at their Annual Conference on July 1 have rejected calls to change the legislation to allow the choice of assisted death by patients who are terminally ill and who have mental capacity.

They also rejected legislation to de-criminalise assisting in a suicide.

Dr Brian Keighley, Deputy Chairman of the BMA in Scotland, said:

"It is clear that doctors do not wish to play a role in assisting a patient's death. Assisting patients to die prematurely is not part of the moral ethos or the primary goal of medicine. If the legislation were to be changed, it would have serious negative consequences on the relationship between doctors and their patients."

"It remains vital that access to the best quality palliative care is available in order to ensure that terminal suffering is properly managed."

Source British Medical Association


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