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US Nursing Home Sit-in

Posted 04/10-08 at 16.43

“There is no justice for someone in a nursing home”

A group of wheel chair users and others in camp chairs sit on the side of a main road in their makeshift camp. A blue awning provides some shelter. By the awning a man in a red t-shirt and a baseball cap in his wheelchair is talking to another wheel chair user. There are six other protestors in the foreground including two young children. It looks like they are settled in for the long haul.

Philadelphia members of ADAPT, the disability rights organisation, held a sit-in at the Philadelphia Nursing Home on the 19th August.

They wanted to persuade Mayor Nutter to find homes for the fifty disabled residents over the next six months and then end the use of nursing homes for disabled people.

“People can and do live independently in the city like I do.” Said German Parodi, a 24 year-old wheel chair user and ADAPT organiser, “I work, and am part of the community. People deserve their chance to live and be a part of the community rather than lying in their own waste in a human warehouse.”

ADAPT representatives met with a deputy mayor in January but the protest was organized after the city had taken no significant steps, the protesters said.

The protest ended after five days when representatives met the Mayor who, they say, agreed to their demands.

"I asked [Mayor Nutter] three times, 'Is Philadelphia getting out of the nursing home business?" said one of the organisers Nancy Salandra, "and he said yes."

Three days later, Philadelphia Health Commissioner and Deputy Mayor Donald F. Schwarz said in an interview, "I think the mayor believes he's been misquoted."


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Comment added 20/10-08 at 21.26 by: Rosa (der_elefant@hotmail.cm)

It is really encouraging to see disabled people get organised and protest. Independent Living is so very important to us ... when will we achieve it? Well done ADAT!

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