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UK: Protest march by disabled people against benefit cuts

Posted 09/5-11 at 22.57

On Wednesday, May 11th, thousands of disabled people and their families and supporters will march on Westminster in a mass protest against benefit cuts.

Jaspal Dhani, chief executive of the United Kingdom Disabled People's Council, said the cuts would have an adverse effect on disabled people's rights and their ability to live independently. "We believe that disabled people stand to lose most from these cuts," he said. "We hope to show both the government and the community at large just how fearful disabled people are about the impact the cuts will have. It's about taking direct action because it seems government ministers are simply not listening."

The rally will begin on Victoria Embankment on Wednesday morning and move to Westminster. Protesters will then lobby their own MPs in Westminster Hall and Methodist Central Hall between 13.30 and 17.30.


For a video interview with Eleanor Lisney, from Disabled People Against Cuts, on why, despite the obstacles facing them, disabled people are turning out to protest, see:




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