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UK: £1m to help disabled people seeking political office

Posted 08/5-11 at 18.12

The government wants to encourage more disabled people into local and national politics and to improve public attitudes to disability through a new training and development scheme. TheAccess to Elected Office for Disabled People project includes plans for a £1m fund to help disabled politicians meet costs. Political parties will be asked toimprove their internal disability policies and to work with the umbrella organisation, the Local Government Association, and disabled organisations to develop a cross-party network of disabled councillors and MPs, who would become ambassadors and role models for aspiring candidates. Consultation on the scheme ends this month and it should start later this year.




Comment added 08/5-11 at 18.22 by: author (chris.pampling@btinternet.com)

Oh? I bet the DWP will be looking at those who apply for this scheme and reduce their benefits if they get on it. After all, they can't be disabled if they're politically active, now can they. Bah humbug.

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