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Hungary: New constitution enshrines discrimination

Posted 05/5-11 at 22.18

The new Hungarian Constitution states that "Those deprived of their right to vote by a court by reason of limited mental capacity shall not have the right to vote." Article XXIII (6).

According to Mental Health Europe (MHE) and European Network of ex-Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (ENUSP), this restriction is in violation of the UN CRPD, ratified by Hungary in 2007. Under Article 29, States Parties must ensure that people with disabilities "can effectively and fully participate in political and public life on an equal basis with others...including the right and opportunity... to vote and be elected."

MHE and ENUSP urge European institutions to compel the Hungarian government to amend its constitution so as to being it in line with both the CRPD and EU standards on human rights.




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