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USA: Child denied Communion because of his impairment

Posted 30/4-11 at 23.01


Kevin Castro, an 8-year-old disabled youngster from Floresville, Texas, has been denied his First Communion because he has cerebral palsy. Instead, Kevin was offered the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, also known as The Last Rights.

Keven Castro with his grandmother Irma

Keven Castro with his grandmother Irma

Rev. Phil Henning of Sacred Heart Catholic Church said the boy had "the mental capacity of a 6-month old" and didn't have "sufficient knowledge of Christ" to participate in the religious rite, even though he had never met Kevin and Catholic doctrine doesn't specify what level of knowledge is adequate.

Kevin's grandmother, Irma Castro, said he had prepared for months for the "religious milestone" only to be offered a ritual ‘...they give you before death. That was very offensive."

The family said Kevin was being discriminated against because he is disabled.




Comment added 01/5-11 at 01.06 by: author (jmcgovern@blueyonder.co.uk)

This is tantamount to saying, this wee chap is not human, or, not physically and intellectually alive. This is disgusting! I hope the Priest is either 'de-frocked' or, sent to work in an institution, or with a family, where his views can be challenged and hopefully, corrected!

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