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Canada: Update on deportation of family with disabled child

Posted 24/4-11 at 16.05

As reported previously, a French family with a disabled daughter had been ordered to be deported from Canada because of the ‘burden' she would impose on health and social care services.

In 2010, a Federal Court judge ruled against a judicial review of the family's residency application. However, after intense public and political pressure the family is now to be allowed to remain in the country.

A spokesperson said the case is a special one and both the federal and state governments worked hard to find a solution

Editorial comment: This is wonderful news for family and eight-year-old Rachel. Nonetheless, this victory is ‘special', and Canada's disabilist immigration policy remains in place. It is to be hoped that after the embarrassment of this high-profile case there will be pressure to change this policy in line with the spirit of the CRPD.




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