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UK: High Court rules social care cuts unlawful

Posted 24/4-11 at 16.01

Birmingham City Council has been told by a High Court judge that it ignored provisions in the Disability Discrimination Act when it decided to stop providing care packages for about 4,000 adults whose needs had been assessed as ‘substantial'.

The council cannot carry on assessing individual needs until Mr Justice Walker delivers his full judgment next month, and is likely to have to conduct fresh consultation on equalities issues before reaching a new decision on the future of social care - a process that could take several months.

Tony Rabaiott, from the union Unison, welcomed the result, saying, "Social Care workers across Birmingham have been telling Unison over the last few months that they are genuinely frightened by the proposal to so severely axe social care provision. They have been telling us that vulnerable people will simply be left to fend for themselves."

This ruling could affect other councils who have been making similar cuts in the provision of social care.




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Thank goodness. Common sense and compassiin, at lasr.

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