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USA: Mother in armed standoff with police over refusal to medicate disabled daughter

Posted 24/4-11 at 14.00

Maryanne Godboldo said she should have the right to decide treatment for her disabled daughter, Ariana, whom she was weaning off antipsychotic drugs because of the negative side effects they were having on the child.

Maryanne Godboldo speaking at microphone

Maryanne Godboldo

However, Detroit's Child Services disagreed. They claimed not giving the medication amounted to medical neglect, showed up at her home with police officers and tried to break down the door in an attempt to take Ariana away. When her mother, who had a handgun, resisted, a heavily-armed paramilitary police (SWAT) team was called in and an hours-long standoff ensued.

The siege ended peacefully, but the young girl was taken from her mother and is currently held at a local psychiatric hospital, where, interestingly, officials say there is no "emergency need" to give her antipsychotic drugs.

Maryanne charged with multiple felonies, has been released from jail and is awaiting trial. A committee has been established to support her and her family.





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