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Canada: Call for end to disability discrimination in immigration

Posted 17/4-11 at 01.10

As reported by Our Rights in February and May 2010, the Barlagne family, French immigrants to Canada, have been ordered to leave the country because one of their children is disabled.

In May of last year, the Federal Court upheld the decision and unless the Minister of Immigration intervenes, which he has shown no signs of doing, the family will be deported in July.

On April 14th, Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) called for Barlagnes to be allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds. It also demanded changes to the country's immigration law, which bars disabled people on the grounds of the ‘excessive financial burden' they impose. The CCD claims that not only is the law based "...upon a negative and outdated understanding of disability that fails to recognize the contribution that people with disabilities can, and do make...", but it also violates the spirit of the CRPD.






Comment added 17/4-11 at 17.41 by: author (dfemales@yahoo.com)

Dear Senior Partner;

Request for Network & Grant Eligibility

As we entered the 21st century, the United Nations and other relevant agencies have added their voices to the emancipation of citizens with disabilities in our global village. This legal instrument helps to bring about changes and improvements in the livelihood of these peculiar persons. Between the years 2000 to 2007, the United Nations drafted and ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD)

UNCRPD served as a formidable instrument to persons with disabilities in their quest for social justice and equal opportunity for all.

Predicated upon these worthy and courageous developments, the Association of Disabled Females International (ADFI) is commending this world body for its insightfulness and tolerance to the disabled community drive for social justice.

The Association of Disabled Females International (ADFI) is a Feminist Disabled Organization established in 1996 by some disabled women and other altruists-being cognizant of the numerous problems facing the disabled community, particularly females and children, the founders thought it wise to seek the inclusion of citizens with disabilities in major decision making processes in the society. In short, the founders want to erase the untenable negative perceptions which the public holds against disabled persons. The capacity building issue of these women and children was another crucial matters as well as its social, political and economic development were all taken into account by the founders of ADFI.

• To ensure that women and children with disabilities issues are placed on the national agenda
• To lobby for the implementation of procedures and enactment of legislation which will advance and benefit all women with disabilities and combat sexism
• To Promote, Protect and ensure the equal participation and the fundamental human rights of all persons with disabilities with focus on women and children
• To ensure that the disabled community has access to the Health delivering services and be allowed to participate in the dissemination and sensitization of health related programs at a community level, such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria & TB
• To ensure that disability is mainstreamed
• To undo untenable negative perceptions which the public hold
• To ensure that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is enforced by all concerned parties
• To advocate to influence policies in the prime interest of females with disabilities

• To ensure that GBV against females with disabilities is…… if not eradicated, but rather be traduced at a significant level
• To advocate for every woman with a disability to have the opportunity for true involvement in all levels of society

In view of these values and many more, we wish to use this medium to seek your indulgence to network. We are interested in networking and wish to request that you join in this meaningful endeavor. We believe that the more that we are together, the more forceful we shall be.

Permit us to register this before it goes unnoticed, our drive and/or search for meaningful partners/Alliance is borderless. There is no boundary- meaning that it is open to all. It is not only restricted to disabled persons or institutions.
This initiative includes:
 Disabled individual/s and organizations
 Relevant Agencies & Government Entities
 Well-wishers & Sympathizers
 Women’s groupings & other CSOs
 Foundations & others
The purpose of this network is in pursuit to our drive to promote, to protect, to enhance, and to strengthen the tedious task and peculiarities that are associated with disabled people organizations (DPOs) globally. We are of the opinion that if the issue of disability must be addressed in a holistic manner we must work collectively. Certainly this process requires joined efforts, if we are to make impacts on the lives of these peculiar persons

The peculiarity surrounding this sector of society is crucial and dedicated. Therefore, it must be treated as such in order to have a participatory and democratic environment.

We are constraint to seek interventions which are tailored to enhance our drive to serve and serve well. The openness of ADFI is the indication of our willingness to collectively promote and protect the fundamental human rights and dignity of persons with disabilities, especially women and children at all levels in the society.

As we strived to address those pressing issues concerning women and children with disabilities, it behooves us to call on those relevant agencies to give special attention those most vulnerable persons in our society.

The advancement of women in this era is cardinal and must be embraced and encouraged by all. To achieve this endeavor in its holistic meanings and purposes, it is a must that women and girls with disabilities be served. Meanwhile, our observation indicates that the inclusion of women with disabilities is significantly low. This becomes one of our major challenges. How can we ensure the equal participation of disabled women in decision making processes? We also want to believe that women with disabilities issues are going to be a challenge to the newly established United Nations Commission for Women.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) calls for Reasonable Accommodations-meaning, when it comes to disabilities, all protocols, bureaucratic and technicalities should be a bit relaxed and flexibility must be applied.
In other words, Reasonable Accommodations’ implies that unconditional consideration must be applied to persons with disabilities because of the conditions in which they find themselves. This area is poorly understood and critical to overcoming poverty, especially for the most excluded and marginalized sector of our society which is prevalence and vivid in the feminist disabled community.

Sharing the values and aspirations associated with women with disabilities should be considered as a Divine and worthy initiatives. It should be cherished and encouraged. It fosters and creates sound integrating patterns and policies which bring society together.

It is against this backdrop, that ADFI seeks the intervention of others to enhance, strengthen its quest to make and give feminist disabilities a new meaning and direction. Our desire is to transform in a positive manner. A transformation that is designed to make the world’s most vulnerable females contribute and contribute positively.

Finally, we need you intervention at any level. If you are not in the position to assist for reason otherwise, you may direct us to any institution or individual that may. Meanwhile we will be delighted were you to send us some readable materials/ information concerning your renowned Firm-Materials such as Newsletter, Brochure, Magazine or leaflet for our consumption.
Here’s our mailing address

Att. Ms. Laura M. Askie
Actg. National Executive Director
P. O. Box 3902
Monrovia, Liberia, WEST AFRICA

While we anticipate your positive response, we wish you the best in your drive to serve and serve well.

The Management ADFI/Liberia

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