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New Zealand: Airline refuses to fly paralympic athletes

Posted 15/4-11 at 16.26

In May of last year Paralympics New Zealand was told only two out of a team of eight of its athletes were allowed on board a Jetstar-operated Qantas flight from Darwin, regardless of whether they needed assistance or not.

This came two days after two disabled television presenters were left "dismayed and insulted" at being barred from boarding their Jetstar flight in Auckland. Dan Buckingham and Tanya Black from Attitude TV were left waiting on the airbridge for half an hour before staff called the pair's producer and told her they could not travel because they did not have caregivers.

Jetstar's chief executive David Hall has unreservedly apologised for the incident.

However, the head of Paralympics New Zealand said they now refuse to fly with the cut-price airline and choose other carriers who they say have more acceptable policies.





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