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Canada: Disability hate crime. Call for access to justice.

Posted 14/4-11 at 01.19

David Hingsburger, a disability activist, has demanded that in the forthcoming federal elections politicians address the lack of access to the justice system for victims of disability hate crime.

He points out that hate crime against disabled people is rife in the country, but that, "Violence against people with disabilities is greeted with quiet rage from those involved but little action from those in positions of power. ...I am a man with a disability and that makes me, right now, one thing only. A target."

Hingsburger writes of people with learning difficulties in Nova Scotia who are afraid to go out because they feel so unsafe. The attacks experienced range from name calling and harassment to the case in which someone was attacked by a gang of youths, doused with lighter fuel and set on fire.

He asks for political parties to speak out clearly against such behaviour and ensure that disabled people are given full and equal access to the courts, something he claims is lacking in Canada.




Comment added 14/4-11 at 09.46 by: author (alanblanes@shaw.ca)

Thank you for establishing this essential forum. I have been attempting for the past 15 years to get the Alberta Government to understand that the 1996 AGM of the Handicapped Housing Society of Alberta passed an overwhelmingly supported and voted on motion to have an audit/review conducted by the General Membership on all the decisions of the management for the previous several years. This review was to report to the General Membership. The executive committee did not want this, so they had "friends" in the Edmonton Police Service invade the first board meeting after this AGM, the following January 23, 1997 and interfere with unlawful means such as intimidation, preventing any discussion of this democratically voted motion. Since that day, the disabled population in Alberta have had no recognition of their basic rights to control their own housing agency, and have had to endure constant delegitimation and intimidation. The police admitted in Law Enforcement Review Board Decision 99-038 that they did stop people for getting in to the November 13, 1997 AGM who held my views on this matter. I was a member elected to the board to help implement this motion at the Nov 26, 1996 AGM. The Edmonton Police Service officers admitted that they threatened to throw out or arrest anyone sharing my views on this question. This demonstrates that police in Edmonton are not trained to understand the basic constitutional rights of people to freedome of association and freedom of assembly. See the article by Joan Delaney in the June 28, 2007 edition of EPOCH TIMES (available on their website) entitled approximately "Society Accused of Intimidating Residents" This is the outcome of the police interfering with democratic process 10 years prior.

There has been a horrendous history of genuine atrocity committed deliberately by the Alberta Government in aiding and abetting this destruction of a democratic society registered under the Societies Act of Alberta. To look at a lot of the history of correspondence on this case, please request membership in the list serve: "citizensforpeacefulcommunities@yahoogroups.com". Many documents have been posted on this case on that list serve, that was set up in the cause of gaining public control over law enforcement. I can be reached for questions at "alanblanes@shaw.ca". Thank you for taking an interest in stopping the dehumanization of persons with varying abilities.

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