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USA: Better in prison than free and disabled in California?

Posted 03/4-11 at 00.31

Laura Repke, says that her son, as well as many other people with learning difficulties, might be better off in prison, even on Death Row.

man in prison

She writes, "Rob stands accused of no crime. And I am not an unloving mother. Let me explain: Rob has a developmental disability, and California is balancing its budget by gutting the services that keep him alive."

The single largest budget cut ($568 million - 20%) is being made in services for people with learning difficulties. At the same time prison funds are being reduced by only 1%. Although Rob is living independently and is employed, over the last few years he has lost much of his support to cuts. “Now the state sees room for another half billion dollars in cuts. That's why Death Row - with its steady funding and a decade of room and board - is looking better and better. (San Quentin State Prison even offers views of San Francisco Bay and is set to receive a new $356 million facility.)”





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