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UK: The Hardest Hit – Defending Disabled People's Futures

Posted 29/3-11 at 16.54

On May 11th, disabled people and their supporters will be holding a march on Parliament to express solidarity and anger at the cuts threatening our benefits, services, jobs and rights.

After the march many of us will be lobbying our MPs, as the Welfare Reform Bill reaches a critical stage in the House of Commons.

We will be sharing our stories, making sure that MPs understand the combined impact of the cuts on our lives and futures. Crucially, we will be challenging MPs to vote against policies that will push us further into poverty and isolation.

On the afternoon of the march we will meet in Methodist Central Hall to hear from disabled people about the deep unfairness of the cuts for their lives and futures. We will also listen to politicians from the main political parties to find out how they plan to uphold the rights, equality and participation of disabled people as promised in the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.

For more information and to register to attend, see: http://www.ukdpc.net/index.asp?GetPress=TRUE&id=150&sid=76&ssid=0&sssid=0


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